At all times, the unity of the people has been,
is and it will be the main national idea both politically and spiritually.
This is the historical basis that connects our past,
present and future. That's why on National Unity Day,
which is dedicated to the Motherland and friendship between peoples,
you have a unique chance to make a friendly handshake that will fly around the globe.
We invite you to join a common virtual chain,
united in the friendliest and most open gesture.
After all, a handshake is a symbol of peace, cooperation and mutual support,
it is a demonstration of the power, reliability and unity of the people.
Because history teaches us: apart, one by one, we cannot do what can be done together.
Only in friendly agreement we can be happy and sure of tomorrow,
in a peaceful future for our children.
We are for peace, friendship and unity all over the world!